Indoor Vehicle Storage Options

Available storage units sizes for indoor Vehicle Storage

Suggestions below are approximate.

Always measure your vehicle first, taking into consideration any additional length or width added by mirrors, trailer wheels, or add-ons!

  • 10x20 - 1 Full-Sized car
  • 10x25 - 1 Full-Sized car + motorcycle
  • 10x30 - 2 compact cars
  • 12x30 - 2 compact cars
  • 12x60 - 2 - 3 cars, or a Boat

For those looking for maximum protection from the elements while storing their car, renting a self-storage unit large enough to contain a car is the best way to go. Storing your car inside a storage unit will protect it from the sun, from precipitation, from dirt and dust, and from extreme temperatures.

If your car storage needs are long-term, it’s safest to keep your car inside, as the damages from environmental factors may wreak upon your vehicle over time. One additional benefit of keeping your car inside a storage unit is the ability to store other items alongside it.

For SUVs and pickups, you’ll also need to measure the height.